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About Us

Accounts First

We are an India-based Tally developer and Tally sales partner with a team of experienced professionals who have already served over 16,000 professionals in automating their accounting, GST, and income tax operations. With our easy-to-use software and customer support, we make it easy for our clients to gain access to the latest technology and the best accounting solutions.

We are committed to providing our clients with the most reliable and efficient services possible. Our team is dedicated to providing personalized customer service and making sure our clients have everything they need to manage their financial operations. With our help, our clients can rest assured knowing their accounting operations are in safe hands.

Our Mission

To empower businesses of all sizes to make informed and efficient financial decisions, by providing them with easy-to-use, reliable, and cost-effective accounting solutions. We strive to make the financial side of a business’s operations easier, so that our clients can focus on what truly matters: growing their businesses.

Our Vision

Accounts First envisions a future where technology provides an effortless, secure, and cost-effective way to manage finances, allowing businesses to focus on growth and innovation instead of tedious bookkeeping. Our Vision is to make accounting and financial operations easier and more accessible for businesses of all sizes, so that they can achieve their goals and remain competitive in a rapidly changing environment. Our innovative Tally Add-ons are designed to provide clients with an intuitive, user-friendly experience with powerful, accurate results.

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